The Menu: March 2018

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The Menu: March 2018

The Month.

With March bridging the gap between short, dark, Wintry days and the first glimmers of Spring, we’ve put together a menu that reflects the transitionary nature of the month.

Certain aspects of Winter might have outstayed their welcome, but we’re not ready to abandon everything about it just yet – especially good old comfort food. This month’s menu is possibly our most comprehensive and considered journey yet. You’ll be embraced by familiar flavours, and pleasantly surprised by some unexpected touches along the way.

Leek Tart HOME Restaurant Leeds

The Menu.

An unassuming leek tart kicks off the journey with bursts of freshness against the sweetness of the leek. Onion takes centre stage later on in the menu, as well. We’ve distilled its essence into various flavours, textures, and even temperatures; broth, ice cream, even warm onion caramel which segues into next course – treacly confit Gloucester Old Spot pork belly.

It’s not often we use spice, but this month we’ve mirrored March giving way to the warmth of Spring by pairing golden cumin with Monkfish. The meatiness of the fish also means we’ve been able to get playful with flavours of classic Coronation chicken, too.

HOME March 2018 Menu Pigeon

HOME March 2018 Menu Pigeon

With local farmers planting their early Spring seeds and crops in March, the fields are once again full of pigeons – meaning it’s also back on our menu.

We’ve pan-fried the breast and cooked the leg meat down into a rich ragout. These gamey flavours stand up to almost anything, so we get to indulge in truffle without it overpowering the dish.

With Spring fruits not yet at their best and Winter berries past their prime, we’ve delved into our pantry for dessert inspiration – ‘Toast and Marmalade’ is a zesty orange parfait and brandy snap sandwich, and brown bread ice cream. We think it’s perhaps the most vivid recreation of the taste of Home we’ve come up with yet.

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