Some changes to weeknights & Guinea Pigs

Some changes to weeknights & Guinea Pigs

At the risk of sounding cliché; evolving and growing is at the heart of everything we do at HOME, from completely changing our menus every month to constantly developing the skills of our family, to how and when people are able to enjoy what we do.

You may have noticed that throughout March we extended our services to open on a Wednesday evening – with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings booking up weeks in advance we wanted to give more people the opportunity to enjoy what we do.

Thanks to a positive response and some very busy, very enjoyable mid-week services during the trial period, we’ve decided to carry on taking bookings for Wednesday evenings.

We know that going out for dinner mid-week is a very different experience to going out on a Friday or Saturday, when you can treat eating out as an occasion, and take your time without the thought of tomorrow’s early start looming over your evening.

So, starting Wednesday 4th April we’ll be offering The Selection on Wednesday and Thursday evenings – this is our shortened tasting menu of around 5-courses priced at £50 per person, enjoyed in about an hour and a half. (It’s also paired with a shorter, much more work-tomorrow-morning-friendly flight of wine)

For those of you wanting to throw caution to the wind (and wine) and craving the total experience, we’ll still be offering The Season, our full, 10-course tasting menu on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as weekends.

We’re confident and really pleased in these ways of giving people more opportunites than ever to join us at a time that’s best for you. To check availability for any of these services, head over to our booking site here

However (there’s always a however…) In order to make room to do this, we’re saying goodbye to Guinea Pig nights.

Last September we started hosting monthly Guinea Pig nights as a way for the kitchen to experiment with new dishes and techniques, hone dishes in their development stages, and occasionally venture into the unknown.

The reception we got from our guests blew us away, with recent events selling out within minutes – the feedback we received from everybody has been invaluable, and we’ve been incredibly enthused by everybody’s sense of adventure and embrace of the unknown.

We don’t like the thought of not being able to cater to this, and we certainly haven’t lost the urge to experiment, evolve, and develop what we do. Guinea Pig Nights might not be around in their previous form anymore, but their spirit lives on: who knows how and where that might manifest itself…

See the story behind The Season: April here. and view April’s tasting menus in full here

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