Once a month we plan a night of trials (and hopefully no errors). Some nights will feature menus that are solely created by our young chefs who get the chance to step up and showcase their dishes, others see Elizabeth and Mark request your help in deciding on which of their development dishes should make it onto their upcoming menus.

We have selected a menu for September that remembers the last of summer’s great ingredients, but also welcomes some of the new season’s autumn flavours. We’re also excited about launching our signature dish “Rabbit in the Wood” this month!

Someone during the last few decades (we are blaming the 80’s), has cemented high gloss black and white tiles over our gorgeous original parquet flooring. The did this over crumbly chip board which has made getting the things off a very slow, hideous and strenuous task…in this heat as well. 

The building has been so many things over the years that many of the original windows have been covered up for years. Really satisfying finding them, the views and natural light that’s cast into the space are amazing! Lucky us!

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