Off to see the Queen

People have strong opinions about Madonna. I think that’s exactly what she wants and my strong opinion is that she’s fabulous. I don’t judge her choices about how she wants to look, I just marvel at her spirit, her artistry and at her self proclaimed greatest achievement, that as a woman, she’s refused to go away. She refuses to retreat ‘gracefully’, to blend into the background and be quiet as she ages. I’m all for everything she stands for.

I have never been to Stockholm, but it looks and sounds like my kind of place. Food wise, there’s so much to go at, but there’s also some crazy interesting bars, music clubs, antique shops, and of course scenery to lap up. I’m only there for a couple of days and it’s looking like rain (a lot of rain), but here’s my hit list for food and drinks during my two days in this cool city.


Where I’m staying

Soho House

It would be rude not to stay at Soho House. I’m an All Cities member and also a proud Ambassador for the what I reckon is one of the most iconic hospitality brands in the world. The unique styling of each of the 42 houses always focuses on cool opulence, but they get that perfect balance of comfort and style just right so you’re always at ease and in awe at being there at the same time. I’m architecture obsessed, so how the interiors connect with their choice of buildings is always appreciated. This converted church in Stockholm looks like it’s a stand out kind of a place. Really looking forward to hiding from the rain in the lounges and bars. Breakfast should also impress. Will report back and let you know if it lives up to expectations.

Check them out on Insta sohohousestockholm

Where I’m eating & drinking

With the Saturday night slot taken up with the visit to see the Queen, I’ve made reservations for lunch and dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday. As well as the must dine at restaurants on my list, there are some very cool and query cafes I’m going to pop into. Some have great views and some have interesting interiors, I’m hoping the forecasted rain doesn’t point any of the outdoor scenery too much.


Lisa Elmqvist

This market seafood bar/restaurant that is exactly what I was hoping to open in Leeds’ market (sigh, not meant to be). It’s housed in a newly renovated corner of the the city’s 19C market. Michelin peeps say ‘The menu offers an impressive range of fish and shellfish dishes, some of which are designed for sharing; the quality and freshness are unimpeachable.’ . Reserved a table lunch Friday.

Check them out on Insta lisa_elmqvist


These guys have over 3000 wines!!! The team say they’re on hand for deep dives into the large wine list, which I’m going to take full advantage of. Their food menu reads like an M and S advert on steroids and is jam packed with the most top notch and extravagant ingredients available. Their style of food and concept sounds really different, certainly not trying to be cool or ride the Scandi wave. I’m expecting a warm and  more traditional experience and fully intend to try as many wines as I can afford. The food seems unfeasibly well priced for the ingredients.

Check them out on Insta leijontornet_sthlm

Black Milk Gastro Bar

I’m really into the food approach here. Slow food movement vibes with an über cool delivery. They’re a restaurant and cocktail bar that morphs into a full night out. In the eve it’s loud and loads of fun, at lunchtime it’s slightly paired back, but still has an after dark feel. I’ll be going early doors to sit at the cocktail bar and eat a tasting menu of smaller dishes with a focus on top ingredients, before heading to see the Queen.

Check them out on Insta blackmilkgastrobar


Erlands is a small, vintage cocktail bar with live music squeezed in. Looking at the Insta feed, it’s lively and atmospheric and a little bit bonkers, with musicians and drinkers sat almost on top of each other. Will be dropping in for a late night drink or three at some pint during the weekend and hope it coincides with some live music.

Check them out on Insta erlandsbar