Christmas Day Bangers

Still looking for some special bottles to enjoy this Christmas? Here are some of my top picks from our friends over at Vinceremos wines, to share or to keep squirrelled away for yourself.


If you fancy nabbing any of these head over to their website by CLICKING HERE

Champagne Brut ‘Cuvée’ AC, Jose Ardinat 

The ultimate aperitif! José Ardinat have been a firm favourite of mine for some years now, as they produce outstanding sparklings perfect for any occasion. Their Brut ‘Cuvée’ is a refreshing blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and boasts a wonderful nutty aroma alongside a flavourful ‘punchy’ flavour. Expect those classic biscuit and toast flavours from this traditional method Champagne, straight from the Vandières vineyard. 

Blanc de Noir, Richmond Plains 

Picture the scene – the parma-ham wrapped melon has just come out, and it’s time to open up a bottle of something tasty. I’m reaching for a bottle of Richmond Plains Blanc de Noir, hailing from Nelson, New Zealand. Vineyards planted right on the top end of the North Island where those maritime breezes aid in the Jensen’s organic wine-making principles. 

Made with 100% Pinot Noir, this wine has wonderful fruit and floral flavour. White blossom, peaches, apple and nectarine, marry up in perfect harmony for this refreshing and fragrant wine. Depending on vintage, this wine can differ in colour, I’ve seen years where the Blanc de Noir is white and years it has arrived as a blush pink!

Chablis Premier Cru, Montmains AC, Phillipe Goulley 

It’s really easy to group Chablis’ together as ‘textbook’ wines, but for good reason you will find them on any wine list. These Burgundian wines range from classic Chablis up to Premier and Grand Cru Chablis’ which is wholly dependent on the vineyard. Made with Chardonnay grapes, Chablis’ have amazing minerality to them, combined with a sharp acidity and (what can be best described as) a ‘wet stone’ aroma. Imagine the smell of rain on hot concrete or rock, and that particular steaminess that comes with it. Chardonnays and poultry are partners in crime, and the slight texture to this Premier Cru just adds to the elegance of drinking and enjoying it.

Fränkischer Burgunder Zeiten-Sprung, Sander

The Sander family vineyards are famous for their biodiversity and incredible range of wines. Based in Rheinhessen, Germany, Stefan Sander heads a team who are dedicated to biodynamic principles and organic farming. This red is the perfect wine for any ‘german doubters’ out there, with notes of wild berry, blackberry compote and ripe dark fruit. Light smoke notes mix with this wines’ gorgeous ripe tannin. It certainly packs a punch, and has a powerful finish, thanks to a 12 month maturation in bottle.

Verdejo ‘Nosso’ NSA DO, Menade

For something a little different to serve alongside your cheese board this year, put the port down and try Menade’s Nosso. Nosso is an interesting wine that has undergone a process called Malolactic fermentation. Stick with me here – all this means is that a certain strain of yeast (for Menade they use a strain of wild yeast) is added during fermentation which will convert any malic acid (which is quite tart and sharp) into lactic acid (which is much smoother, softer and creamier). 

The benefit of doing this is that you will end up with a wine that has a super creamy texture, which will only increase with more time spent in bottle. A full and well rounded wine, featuring baked orchard fruit flavours and a slight herbaceous quality as well (thyme and fennel for me) from incredibly well ripened Verdejo grapes. This Spanish wine is incredibly exciting and will be sure to wow those who get to try it! 

Vermouth ‘VRMT’, Bodegas Robles 

Paco Morales (Michelin starred chef) and Bodegas Robles collaborated on this incredible vermouth which is a blend of Robles’ 8 year matured Oloroso base and Pedro Ximénez. Rich and inviting, VRMT has hit the balance between maturity and freshness. Vanilla and quince, honey and cinnamon, elderberry and clove. There’s a lot going on here, don’t get me wrong, but what VRMT does brilliantly is bridge the gap between sweetness and bitterness. Acidity and intensity. With an enticing depth and darkness to it, this vermouth will be a winner with any sweet and rich puddings, and pairs fantastically with dried fruit, orange and nuts.

Enjoyed in a negroni, with tonic water or chilled just on its own.