The most excellent Christmas punch

This recipe started with two things… A gifted bottle of rum that tasted intensely smoky with hints of apple and burnt treacle. And a need to not make mulled wine at my Christmas get together because I’m a hater of the stuff (both the taste and the smell).

Use this as a base recipe, but play around with the elements. Bang everything in a large bowl or pan and adjust to your taste. I serve with ice, you could warm it if you want.

Getting started – The Rum

Infuse your rum (around 400ml of dark rum preferably, I used Burning Barn) overnight with the following…

  • 3 Star anise
  • 1 vanilla pod

To make your most excellent Christmas punch – combine with

  • 1 litre of apple juice (I go for the none cloudy type as I prefer a sharper looking punch, but both work taste wise)
  • 200ml of Calvados
  • 200ml of Apple liqueur