Who makes it: Laure and Dimitri of Domaine de Lorient


What is it made of : 66% Roussane and 34% Marsanne


Where is it from : AOC Saint Péray, Rhône Valley, Northern Rhône, France


Domaine de Lorient’s Roussanne and Marsanne vines are planted on the hillsides of Saint-Péray at an altitude reaching 550m. Laure and Dimitri’s focus is and has always been to incorporate agriculture with viticulture (read farming with vine growing) referring to the vineyard as “their garden”.


It is unusual to have a higher percentage of Roussanne in a blend, but this is a deliberate choice as Roussanne adds aromatics, elegance and acidity to the wine, which then has the potential to further develop in bottle. By maintaining a 2\3rd to 1\3rd ratio, the character of the wine itself is super special.


Grown on a 18 hectare estate, that features meadows, forests and hedges that are maintained by their hives of bees and flocks of sheep who help out with the gardening!


Both Laure and Dimitri continuously think of the biodiversity of their domaine, and are focused on adapting and working alongside nature to produce phenomenal wines. It almost goes without saying here, but they are also certified organic.


And what about their eye-catching logo on the labels? Dimitri’s mother is Greek, and his parents live in Corfu. While visiting, the young lovers went fishing for sea urchins. The catch was successful, and as such the sea urchin has become the symbol of their common project and commitment to each other: Domaine de Lorient.


Apricot, stone fruit, chartreuse, beeswax and brioche. A wonderfully silky mouthfeel comes from malolactic fermentation, which brings a Chardonnay-esque character to this very special wine.