Our Inspiration



Black and White Marble Truffle Sourdough, Cultured Salted Butter 

Peach and Foie Gras Pebble.

Roast Duck Broth and Peach Foam

Langostine Tartare, Compressed Apple, White Soy Dressing, Jalapeno Granita

Hot and Cold Artichoke – Artichoke and Miso Ice Cream, Malt Reduction and Sorrel Oil

Artichoke Baked in the embers, Hazelnut and Ash 

Hot Smoked Eel and Lardo, Caramelized Pine Nuts, Pear and Pine Foam 

Crispy Oyster, Beef Fat Glazed Hen of The Woods, Oyster Leaf Emulsion 

Pan roasted Stone Bass, Clam, Pickled Fennel & Brown Butter Sauce. Clam salad, with golden raisin and candied grapefruit. 

Roast Dry Aged Duck breast, Duck Leg Dumpling, Fermented Baby Gem and Pistachio Puree, Umeboshi Ho Sin Sauce 

Gin Compressed Cucumber, Gin Jelly, Cucumber and Yoghurt Granite

Black Sesame Waffle Dough, Smoked Koji Caramel, Kirsh Cream, Cherry Molasses Sorbet, Crispy Black Sesame

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MASK (May 4th – August 31st)

Mask is the name of our last collection launched on Thursday 4th May. This second menu was again inspired by the artist Joshua Van Leader’s work, featuring his ‘Physiogmany’ illustrations that feature in the colouring book he created to raise awareness of and to support people struggling with their mental health.

After the loss of her dear friend Joshua, Elizabeth had become all too aware of the masks we all use in our day to day lives. She believed that our goal should be to get as close as possible to our true selves, shedding the masks that life has taught us to wear.

This menu explored the relationship between colour and flavour. The artwork’s palette has informed flavour combinations to create playful dishes.

Somewhere Between the Sand and the Stardust (ended May 3rd)

Running until May 3rd our menu collection ‘Somewhere Between the Sand and the Stardust’ was a collaboration with local and global artist, writer and fashion designer Joshua Van Leader. The collection of dishes were inspired by his art and poetry.

Dishes took you on a journey from the coast, to the forests, and then to the skies above. HOME was transformed with giant artworks that hang on the walls, bringing a fresh striking look to the dining room.

The menu concentrated on innovation and creativity with surprising techniques and combinations.