A love for the surrounding landscape and the produce it provides is the underlying source of inspiration for our seasonal menus at HOME. Dishes are distinctive, yet deliberately familiar. The aim is to redefine classic British flavours and serve them to guests by way of carefully curated tasting menus.

Each month we serve The Season, an in-depth exploration of seasonal flavours and ingredients which changes monthly priced at £75 per person.

We also offer The Selection which is shorter version of The Season tasting menu, priced at £55 per person, not available on Friday & Saturday evenings.

On a Sunday, a special tasting menu celebrates the familiar flavours of a Sunday lunch. This menu also changes every month, but the Yorkshire Pudding course is, naturally, a permanent fixture. Priced at £55 per person. 

Please note that we are unable to cater for dislikes/preferences and can only cater for a limited number of allergies. Please read our dietary policy carefully before making a booking as we do not accept cancellations or provide refunds.

Dietary Policy

We offer a standard and vegetarian version of all our menus, as well as a pescatarian option where any suitable fish dishes are substituted into the vegetarian menu. We are not able to provide a vegan alternative to our menus.


We are only able to cater for allergies to gluten, shellfish, and nuts. We cannot accommodate allergies to dairy or egg. We request that guests alert us to these allergies at the point of booking so our kitchen can make all necessary preparations for their visit.

We’re unable to substitute dishes or ingredients to create bespoke menus or dishes, and politely ask that you don’t request them.

Religious dietary requirements

We are always able to offer a pescatarian or vegetarian alternatives, please inform us at the time of booking.