New Year’s Eve

Midnight Menu – NYE 2023

Seaweed sourdough, anchovy and britinay seas salt butters

Beef fat fried oyster and mushrooms*

Langoustine and pear tartare,white soy, jalapeno granita

Potato fondant, truffle cream, caviar

Shetland mussels, chicken and honey broth, lemon*

Sweetcorn, roasted chicken skin, spices and lime

Hand dived orkney scallop, smoked yuzu butter*

Pan roasted turbot, textures of cauliflower, beurre blanc and licorice sauce*

Charcoal grilled fillet of beef, wild mushrooms, black pepper

Black cherry, molasses, Koji caramel, black sesame waffle

Smoked rosemary fudge, sea buckthorn bon bon

*Excluded from the Short Lunch Menu

Extra touches and enhancements

For the most extravagant of experiences, we have a number of extra touches and premium enhancements to add to your Midnight Menu

Fresh oysters order 1/3/6 priced £3.5/£10/£20
Fresh Tuscan Truffle (served with your potato and caviar) £20
Tin of Exmoor Caviar (served with your turbot) £90
Etivaz cheese (smokey, nutty and saline cheese) toasted brioche with morels, black trompets. £12.5
A Grade Wagyu Fillet Beef (served as your beef fillet) £40
Enhanced Package £105

Midnight Menu

Our Midnight Menu welcomes the coming of the new year in style. Whether you will be counting down the last seconds of 2023  with us or in your own home, come indulge in our celebration of the best things we have served throughout 2023 with premium wines and champagne.

The adaptations we can cater for include menus suitable for Pescatarian and Vegetarian diners. We can also make amendments for diners requiring Gluten Free/Coeliac, Nut free, Shellfish free and/or Fish free menus.

HOME also offers an adapted menu for any expecting guests.

Tables can be reserved from 12.00 until 21.00
Lunch £130 or  £165
Wine pairing £80 or £110
Dinner £165
Wine pairing £110


FOR RESERVATIONS PLEASE EMAIL A deposit of £100 per person will be required to secure your reservation.