Somewhere Between The Sand and the Stardust

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Running until May 3rd our menu collection ‘Somewhere Between the Sand and the Stardust’ is a collaboration with local and global artist, writer and fashion designer Joshua Van Leader. The collection of dishes is inspired by his art and poetry.

Dishes take you on a journey from the coast, to the forests, and then to the skies above. HOME is transformed with giant artworks that hang on the walls, bringing a fresh striking look to the dining room.

The menu concentrates on innovation and creativity with surprising techniques and combinations.


Short Menu


c8 courses / 1.5hrs

Wine Pairing 72 – 110




c10 courses / 2.5hrs

Wine Pairing 82 – 125


The Auction Wednesday 3rd May

This menu’s accompanying artwork will be auctioned on Wednesday 3rd of May at HOME, for more information Read More


Masks Launching Thursday 4th May

Mask is the name of our new menu collection launching on Thursday 4th May. This second menu has again been inspired by the artist Joshua Van Leader’s work, featuring his ‘Physiogmany’ illustrations that feature in the colouring book he created to raise awareness of and to support people struggling with their mental health.   

After the loss of her dear friend Joshua, Elizabeth has become all too aware of the masks we all use in our day to day lives. She believes that our goal should be to get as close as possible to our true selves, shedding the masks that life has taught us to wear.

The artwork’s palette has informed flavour combinations to create imaginative and playful dishes. The artistic route followed to arrive at this menu explored the relationships between colour, imagination, memory and flavour. 

Dishes use ingredients that feel and taste like summers.

Part One – The Sand

Fierce Nature

Mussel tartar, blackcurrant. lardo

Beetroot, buckwheat, lamb fat

Home Restaurant Leeds


she absorbed
all the patience
from the woods
and applied it to her spirit she took the wisdom from the stars
and applied it to her mind, she took the power of the sun
and put it forward in her actions
she took the fierce nature of the sea
and she applied it forthright into everything
she wanted to be.

Fierce Nature – Joshua Van Leader

Oceans of Imagination

Bread and Butter – Brittany salt, anchovy seaweed

Home Leeds


She was in love with stories
that ended alongside pain and chapters questioning her role in the universe,
admiring souls that ached for more than surfaced beauty, and words that assisted her
in an ocean of imagination
she was never content with the ordinary,so why should you ever be?

Oceans of Imagination – Joshua Van Leader

Inspired by the Sea

Langoustine, salted plum, ajo blanco

Home Leeds


She sits on the cliffs
and looks out at sea
she soaks it all in
at all she can be, as the hues of the blues
from the seas to the skies,
empty their hearts and fill up her eyes.

Inspired by the sea – Joshua Van Leader

Part Two – The Between

Washed Away

Potato, truffle, sauternes


Home Restaurant Leeds


Just bleed and express how you feel

We won’t know how impactful we have truly been until many years from now, when our bodies are washed away between the sand and the stardust, and all that remains are our words and ideas
for those to come.
So stand up for what you believe in,
create in,
what you imagine in and dream, dream, dream away.

Washed Away – Joshua Van Leader

Brighter than Fire

Scallop, yuzu, smoke


Home Leeds


You will Always return brighter than the fire, you will Always prove

to be more powerful than the storm, you will Always shine through the darkness and you will Always defeat the shadows,




Brighter than the Fire – Joshua Van Leader

Broken Skies

Butter poached Turbot, cauliflower, liquorice


Home Leeds


There are the broken skies
with rains that bring thunder
there are the unhinged oceans that drown us all in wonder
with cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes
but all they ever do
is remind you to be you
and that all the broken pieces will always shine on through.

Broken Skies – Joshua Van Leader

Part Three – The Stardust

View from the Moon

Aged Beef, black peppercorn, bergamot


Home Restaurant Leeds


You deserve to feel
like you are among the stars,
like you are sitting on the moon.

View from the Moon – Joshua Van Leader


Coconut, rum, white chocolate


Home Leeds


Then fail again.
Fail again
and again and again.
Whilst we circle the sun and witness breathtaking gaseous nebulas, we watch supernovas from the years before and meteor showers within our blanket of skies.
How, that in our lifetime we watch such magnificent events unfold, and still doubt our own dreams?
Let it be known,
whilst these things are discovered
I do not doubt myself and just as importantly
I certainly do not doubt you.

Supernova – Joshua Van Leader

Night Sky

Rum and Coke


Home Leeds


Have an
that will stretch out
the night sky and a love
that would
fill it.

Night Sky – Joshua Van Leader